Stephanie Rausser Workshop: In All its Beauty & Humor

Stephanie Rausser Workshop: In All its Beauty & Humor

*Note: there are two workshop dates*

Thursday, February 27 / 9-6pm & Friday, February 28 / 9-5pm REGISTER HERE

Sunday, March 2 / 9-6pm & Monday, March 3 / 9-5pm  REGISTER  HERE

Location: TBD


Years into shooting, Stephanie Rausser sees the world for all its beauty and humor and loves making it a little more fun, pretty, and inviting. Whether she is creating portraits, lifestyle photography, video, or working on a personal shoot, Stephanie is attracted to the bright side and the colorful.

During this two day workshop, Stephanie will show you how she goes about capturing the happy, spontaneous, and whimsical photos and footage that her advertising and editorial clients want. Her process employs lots of laughter balanced with attention to detail - she works with the firm belief that you are only as good as your location and your talent, and she will share how she goes about selecting these two critical components to ensure the success of her shoots. During the course of the workshop, participants will have the rare opportunity to shoot on location with Stephanie, and have their work critiqued by this true master of lifestyle photography.

For the last ten years Stephanie has run her business with her husband, Lawrence Cowell, who is the techno guru for her fully digital headquarters based in Sonoma County, CA. Her frequent and repeat clients include magazines such as Parents & American Baby and advertising clients such as Tempurpedic, Target, & Disney.

Day one:

  • Morning: Participants meet at studio for breakfast and introduction to Stephanie’s photography/approach.
  • Late morning: Participants meet Stephanie at house location where they will have opportunity to shoot a number (3) of predetermined scenarios.
  • Set-up
  • Shoot
  • Lunch: at location
  • Shoot
  • Wrap

Day two:

  • Morning: Participants meet at studio for breakfast.
  • Stephanie reviews participants’ work from previous day.
  • Stephanie speaks in detail about her involvement in pre-production (casting and scouting), and how she approaches different set ups
  • Conversation about capture and post production
  • Question and Answer Session


$875 for ASMP and ACP members
$975 for non members

Note: The second day of this event is at the same time as other Texas Photo Roundup events. Please check the schedule if you are registering for other events. 

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Prior to workshop, students will receive a letter and questionnaire from Stephanie and will be asked to submit images or their website.

Students will need to bring: digital camera and lens, lighting, stands, modifying accessories and computer to edit and process images. 

Place your gear rental order with Texas Grip at least one week prior to the event and they will deliver your order to the studio for you!

Also Texas Grip is giving all workshop attendees 40% off their rentals.

About Stephanie, by Stephanie:

i was born on a Naugahyde couch in student housing at uc davis where my dad was studying economics.  i am the middle child arriving in the midst of my dad's final exams and unwilling to wait for the hospital.

i grew up moving almost every year of my life as one university after another courted my dad.  having that much change in one's life as a kid - i went to five elementary schools and four high schools - is not the most ideal way to grow up, but it did make me hyper aware of behavior and a great observer, as i was always the new kid in town.

while i was growing up my mom took a lot of photographs of her three kids and her enjoyment of it was contagious.  when i was in the 4th grade she turned the laundry room into a darkroom and when i turned 12 my dad gave me a pentax me super and that is when i got fascinated with taking photos.
in high school i took photos of my girlfriends and my sister on every possible occasion. but it was at uc berkeley where i became really serious about photography.  although i finished with an english degree i had completed more photography classes than english classes and i was eager to go out in the world and be a photographer.   

instead of taking the assisting route, i preferred taking photos for local magazines and newspapers and it seemed that one job led to another.  after a few years and lots of traveling with my camera to istanbul, sri lanka, budapest, prague, and buenos aires i was on a roll and a career that began in environmental portraiture soon became focused on kids and lifestyle.

even though i no longer move from place to place, i get to work in different environments all the time, and i love traveling all over to take photographs. 
years into shooting i see the world for all its beauty and humor and i love making the world a little more fun, pretty and inviting. to me, black is not a color, rain is never a part of the plan, and the setting sun on a summer day is the perfect time to take a photo.
i am attracted to the bright side and the colorful, and over the years i have built a great base of clients who hire me because i work well with the the people i photograph and because i always come up with happy, spontaneous, energetic, and whimsical photographs.

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